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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Can't Believe It - China Duped Us. I Feel So Dirty

Morning Edition, August 12, 2008 · Millions of people thought they were watching live fireworks as part of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It turns out, some of those vivid fireworks were computer graphics created by a team of hundreds of Chinese visual-effects specialists who worked nearly a year to pull it off.

So what happened to Movie Magic??

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling was owned and developed by Screenplay Systems, Inc. (Now Write Brothers, Inc.) and was sold to Creative Planet so the Write Bros could focus on writing software and not production software. CP eventually crumbled under there own weight and was a victim of the .com bubble burst. The assets were then sold to Entertainment Partners, who are sitting on the program, not developing it, waiting for it to die and for users to make the eventual move to EP Budgeting and Scheduling.

So you had better hold on to your PCs and Macs my little prettys, keep those dongles safe, cause no one is going to be coming to the Movie Magic rescue. Sorry.